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Welcome to , your premier source for news, technology updates, entertainment, and informative content in South Africa. We are thrilled to offer businesses and organizations the opportunity to connect with our diverse and engaged audience through advertising partnerships. By choosing to advertise with us, you gain access to a platform that reaches a wide range of individuals interested in the latest developments in South Africa and beyond.

Why Advertise with Live new world ?

1. A Captive Audience

Our website attracts a diverse and engaged audience comprising tech enthusiasts, news seekers, entertainment aficionados, and individuals eager for informative content. By advertising with us, you can showcase your products or services to an attentive and receptive demographic.

2. Reach South Africa and Beyond

With a focus on South African news, technology, entertainment, and information, we have a strong presence not only in South Africa but also among the global South African diaspora. Your advertisements will reach both a local and international audience.

3. Tailored Advertising Solutions

We offer a variety of advertising options to suit your unique marketing goals and budget. From banner ads to sponsored content, we work closely with you to create tailored advertising campaigns that deliver results.

4. Trackable Results

We provide detailed analytics and reporting to help you gauge the success of your advertising campaigns. Monitor the performance of your ads and make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing efforts.

Advertising Options

1. Banner Ads

Prominently display your brand with banner ads strategically placed throughout our website. Choose from a range of banner sizes and positions to maximize your visibility.

2. Sponsored Content

Craft compelling stories about your products or services through sponsored articles. Our experienced content creators can help you produce high-quality, informative, and engaging content that resonates with our audience.

3. Newsletter Sponsorship

Reach our subscribers directly through newsletter sponsorships. Feature your brand in our regular newsletters to ensure your message is delivered straight to our readers’ inboxes.

4. Social Media Promotion

Leverage our social media presence to extend the reach of your advertising campaign. We can help you create engaging social media content that drives traffic and engagement.

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At Live new world, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your advertising objectives and reach your target audience effectively. Partner with us today and be a part of South Africa’s leading news, technology, entertainment, and information platform.

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